Lionex is creating the next generation of products with IoT, AI, machine Learning.

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We are your IoT product development company!

Lionex is dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of smart devices (IoT, IA and Machine Learning).

We are a product development company that can help you with your hardware design and development, fast prototyping and scalable solutions.

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What do we offer?

IoT Product Development.

Understand and build your IoT solution hardware components, firmware, platform, apps & cloud strategy.

  • IoT Product Design
  • IoT Project Planning
  • IoT Prototyping
  • IoT Embedded Software
  • IoT communication technologies
  • IoT Cloud Development


                                Hardware and Firmware: Design and Development.

We help you with the quick roll-out of your innovative products in response to new market opportunities and every-day-changing customer demands.

Fast Prototyping.

We create a consistent customer experience through a detailed digital strategy built on precise customer research.

Software Development

We have developed Software and Apps for several IoT devices. Here are some benefits of getting this service for your project development:

  • Product monitoring and control
  • Tracking
  • Functionality optimization
  • Data gathering
  • Data analysis

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Cloud Services

Lionex develop cloud-based platforms. IoT device development may be required for your product, and as AWS IoT hardware partners, you can trust that we will build a stable, secure, and user-friendly platform.

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Brayam Ruiz - Technology Leader.

Ana Sandoval - Manager Sales. 

Alejandro Beltrán - Animation and 3D Design Leader.