Technology to Control Physical Distancing, Through Proximity Sensors.



Proximiti-i, is a technology developed by lionex and Grupo Invertrónica, which detects the proximity between devices, alerts people through visual and auditory stimuli, a solution to maintain and control physical distance for companies, hospitals, factories, etc.


Proximity Detection

When a Proximiti-i detects another at a distance of less than 2 meters, it notifies the user through visual, auditory and tactile stimuli, that they must keep a healthy distance.


When a Proximiti-i detects its master synchronization node, it authenticates and connects to send this information to the platform.


When an event of violation of physical distancing occurs, the information of the Proximiti-i with which it was in contact, the average distance, the interaction time and the temperature is stored, all this thanks to the internal memory that has a capacity of up to of 20 thousand interactions.

Analytics and Information Visualization

With our platform you will be able to identify which people violated the healthy distance, who were in contact and how many times, their temperature, their position, their interaction by date, alert configuration and among others.

Success Stories.

  • How are biosecurity measures handled in your area?
  • How have the collaborators assumed the management of the proximity handle?
  • How has the process to adopt Proximiti-i technology been?
  • How does the handle complement biosafety issues?