Is a Small Industrial Beacon it is Perfect for Tracking your most Important Assets.


The Most Advance Industrial Beacon.

Proxitag, is a small industrial collaborative beacon and wearable modular sensor device, it is perfect for tracking your most important assets , tracking  and activity monitor, temperature, track your supply chain and commodity’s, automatic inventory, box opened status, motion and more...



It is perfect for tracking your most important assets.

Resistance and Battery

It is resistance proof and waterproof with a rechargeable lithium battery.


The 4G compatible master node.

Flash Memory

Built-in memory storage for data processing and security updates.


Temperature Sensor and Geolocation.

Platform and Analytics

W ith our platform you will be able to identify which assets who were in activity and how many times, their temperature, their position, their interaction by date, alert configuration and among others.

Assets and Logistics Tracking.

It stores and transmits the activity left by the Assets and from the platform observes the interactions.

Shopping Cart Tracking.

Detects activity between devices, stores information, time, location, movements, content*, temperature. 

Medical Tracking Devices.

Stores and transmits the movements left by Medical Assets.